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The workshop

The company has well equipped modern workshop and has complete facilities for manufacturing of all types of Radiators and Heat exchangers.
General Purpose Large Workshop.
We have well equipped large workshops with all machine tools like Heavy duty Lathes, shapers, radial drilling machines, pillar drilling machines, power presses, power hacksaw, shear machines, etc.

We are fully equipped with heavy and precision welding equipment. The workshop has an overhead travelling crane with 10 ton lifting capacity.

Special Purpose Machinery for Radiator Manufacture.
Imported radiators manufacturing plant, heavy duty type, from Germany.
Imported radiators manufacturing plant, light duty type, from U.K.
Special purpose machines for Manufacturing Finned Tubes for Air Cooled Heat Exchangers.
Special purpose machinery for manufacturing finned tubes with various types of fins with varying  geometry range.
Special purpose machinery for manufacturing Tubular Heat Exchangers.
Radial drills with provision of making plain and grooved holes.
Automatic electronic torque controlled tube expansion equipment.

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